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Hello, I Am Julie Smith

Your registered dietitian nutritionist.  I’ve struggled with dental problems all of my life.  So, just like you, I know how frustrating it can be to avoid the foods you love all because of dental pain or while recovering from surgery.

That’s why I specialize in nutrition for oral health.  As a registered dietitian, I am not just any nutritionist.  I went to school for a long time.  In fact, I obtained my bachelors and masters degree, plus completed a nutrition internship and dedicated a big chunk of time studying just to become credentialed.  On top of that, I’ve gained invaluable experience in multiple areas of nutrition, spent hours upon hours conducting one on one consults, and am constantly staying up to date on the latest dental nutrition science.

I do all of this because the link between oral health and nutrition is crucial and it’s important that you have a qualified health professional that can help you enhance your dental condition through what you eat.

With all that being said between my education, personal dental and work experiences, I am uniquely qualified to help your dental nutrition needs.

Julie Smith, MS, RDN

12+ years

of Work Experience

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1900+ Hours

of Nutrition Consults

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7+ Years

of Academic Training

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Hours of Research

If You're Looking for An Official List of My Qualifications, see below:

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