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I am here to help you figure out the best way to nourish your teeth, gums and oral health!  We all live different lifestyles and have specific personalized health needs.  So, what nutrition needs make the most sense for your is unique to you too!

Dental Meal Plans provides resources, services and guidance backed by evidence-based nutrition with the goal of giving you information in an easy to understand format. 

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A variety of resources, support and products are available in effort to offer you dental nutrition information in a way that is most beneficial for your particular needs.

About Julie

Julie Smith, MS, RDN

Hey There! I’m Julie, a registered dietitian who just loves helping uncover how to nourish themselves in a way that makes sense in their everyday lives.

Through my experience, I’ve found with so many supplements, diets, do this not that information out there, people come to me feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do next.  Since we eat everyday I strive to provide support for all things dental nutrition.  So you can not only fuel your oral and overall health, but feel good and look forward to  what you’ll eat next too!

And yup, you can feel confident you are getting legitimate science-based, credible information while you are here.  With over 12 years of professional work experience, 3+ years nutrition counseling, and  a master’s in human nutrition (where I learned all about how to interpret scientific literature and communicate it) I’ve put in the time and energy into learning in-depth nutrition science, to best serve you!

So, thank you for visiting.  Hope you appreciate the resources, services and information as much as I appreciate your trust in me.

Cheers to Nourished Smiles — Julie Smith, MS, RDN

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